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How to buy iraq dinar? Whether you buy the Dinar as a currency collector simply because of Iraq's brightly-colored banknotes, or whether you buy it with an eye toward a future currency exchange with Currency Liquidator, there's a lot to know about Iraq's economy and currency.

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If you’re interested in learning how to buy Iraqi Dinar, your first step should be to locate a reputable company to guide you through the process securely and efficiently. That’s where Currency Liquidator comes in: it’s the safest place to buy Dinar and boasts 24/7 customer support to resolve all of your questions.

Perhaps you want to buy Dinar to add Iraq’s brightly-colored banknotes to your currency collection. Or, maybe you’d like to purchase Iraqi Dinar with an eye toward future currency exchange rates. Regardless of your motivation for buying Dinar, your journey should begin by gaining an understanding of Iraq’s economy and the historical highs and lows of its banknote.

Iraq’s Oil Has Changed the Future for Iraq and Their Currency

Iraq’s economy has grown steadily each year since the ouster of Saddam Hussein in 2003. The country holds enormous oil reserves, but only a tiny fraction of potential oil-bearing sites have been explored. In fact, international oil companies like ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, and Total, have flocked to Iraq, drawn by the opportunities to develop its oil and gas resources. The nation now exports increasing quantities of petroleum each month, which means there is plenty of revenue to drive the nation’s development.

A nation’s economy, as well as the value of its currency, depends on its natural resources. Iraq’s exceptionally large oil reserves are like “money in the bank,” available to meet the young democracy’s needs as it continues to expand.

Given the world’s insatiable appetite for oil and gas, Iraq’s dominant supply role is likely to become even stronger moving forward. Although it’s difficult to predict the future with certainty, historical patterns suggest that Iraq will grow into a regional and international energy superpower based on its rich reserves.

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The Factors Influencing Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rates

The Iraqi Dinar (Symbol: IQD) is Iraq’s official currency. Issued since 1931 by the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), it’s one of the world’s most important yet under-recognized currencies. The value of Iraq’s currency was arbitrarily set by the CBI at a very conservative level in 2003. This year marked a low point for the Iraqi economy, so a low-valued Dinar seemed appropriate.

At that time, the local oil industry had stagnated after years of UN sanctions hampered the Iraqi government’s ability to purchase refinery replacement parts and new technologies. Oilfield exploration stopped during Saddam Hussein’s reign, and Iraq was producing and exporting only a trickle of oil.

The Iraqi economy has fully recovered and grown enormously since 2003. The government has also amassed huge reserves of cash and gold bullion to store Iraq’s wealth. Despite this new growth and success, the foreign-exchange rate of the Dinar hasn’t kept pace.

The IQD is still officially valued at nearly the same price level where it was fixed by the CBI twelve years ago and hasn’t risen to the level expected by many observers.

How to Buy Iraqi Dinar Safely and Securely

If you’re curious about where to buy Iraqi Dinar that is both safe and secure, choose a leading dealer with an authenticity guarantee so you never have to worry about counterfeits.

Dinar banknotes feature highly sophisticated security measures to protect their value, including watermarks, security threads, and color-changing inks. When you buy Dinar, look for a full guarantee that covers the authenticity of the banknotes. The very best dealers also offer more: a buy-back guarantee that allows you to sell your Dinar back to the dealer.

How it Works: Buy Iraqi Dinar with Currency Liquidator

At this point, you might be asking yourself, “Where can I buy Iraqi Dinar that has the lowest prices, world-class service, and an authenticity guarantee?” The answer is Currency Liquidator. 

To buy Dinar, you simply need to choose your currency, pick a package, and check out using a convenient payment option like an e-check or a wire transfer. You can even choose to buy circulated Dinar or uncirculated Dinar if you want a pristine banknote for your collection.

Currency Liquidator: The Trusted Iraqi Dinar Dealers

If you want to buy Iraqi Dinar, Currency Liquidator is the leading currency dealer and fully registered with the U.S. Treasury. To buy Dinar today, head over to Currency Liquidator to get started.

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