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Security Feature Of The 10000 Indonesian Rupiah Note

Indonesia, a huge archipelago consisting of more than 13,000 islands, is mainly known for its beautiful beaches and its cultural heritage; but the country has a lot more to offer!

Indonesia was once a thriving land with cultural, political, social, economic and religious identity. The inhabitants had an advanced knowledge of navigation which helped them to establish trading relationship with India, China and Ceylon. The nation’s rich source of spices in Malaku, attracted the Europeans. Subsequently, Indonesians found themselves under the colonization of the Dutch from the beginning of the 17th century until the Second World War. At this time the Japanese established their rule over Indonesia, only to be replaced after a short span of 3 years by the Dutch again. It was finally in 1949 that Indonesia was recognized as an independent nation.

The country’s internal political unrest, however, continued. Amidst this unrest, in the late 1990s, Indonesian economy was severely affected by the East Asian Financial Crisis. Even in the later years, the economy has tumbled through time, owing to many drastic incidents that shook the country’s stability.

The recent decades have seen a more stable and fast-recovering economy. It is now listed amongst Southeast Asia’s most successful, highly performing and newly industrializing economies. The IDR is regularly revised over a period of few years to update the security features. As of now, the IDR banknotes are one of the most technologically advanced banknotes in the world.

Currency Liquidator brings us a detailed infographic that points out the security features of the latest IDR 10,000 banknote to make consumers aware of the characteristics of the real Indonesian Rupiah.

Indonesian Rupiah

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