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Iranian Rial Security Features For The 100,000 Note

Iran, once popular as Persia, has witnessed severe economic times more than just once. Throughout the country?s long history, devastating invasions and occupations by the Arabs, Turks, Mongols, British, Russians, and others, have taken place. Revolutions and wars have shattered the country many a time. Nevertheless, Iran has been able to hold its identity as a distinct political and cultural identity. Since the 1920s, Iran has been a powerful name when it comes to oil resources. The third largest exporter of oil, Iran is also a proud member of the OPEC.

Despite a strong economical backup of the oil and gas industry, the country?s currency hasn?t been very lucky. The Iranian Rial has undergone several ups and downs in the international market. It had been devaluated in July 2013 but this year again saw its rise with a decline in the rate of US Dollar as well as Euro against the Rial, at a decline rate of 3% and 13%, respectively.

As the Rial has evolved, so have its fake productions. To keep this at bay, the Central Bank of Iran has always been introducing new and unique security features in the banknotes. Some notes have been revised up to four times. To point out the latest security features in the highest denomination in the Rial, Currency Liquidator has brought out this infographic so as to diminish confusions and alert consumers.

The 100,000 Iranian Rial banknote was first introduced in 2010. It is one of the most secured banknotes in the world with several anti-counterfeit measures. The note was introduced with the hope of reducing the need of cheques that Iranians have to use for any large transactions.

Let?s take a look at this info graphic and get ourselves savvy with the new, and one of the best in the world, security features of the 100,000 Rial banknote.

Iranian Rial Security Features for the 100k note

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