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Iraqi Economy Became Stronger After Each Disaster

The site of the ancient Babylonian civilization, Iraq has had a tumultuous history. Since the days of the British Colonial Empire, the geopolitical scenario has undergone a large number of upheavals with every international event of historic importance, from World War I to the recent establishment of a democratic government.

The country?s national currency, the Iraqi dinar (IQD) has gone through a lot of changes as well. Introduced in the early 1930s to replace the then standard currency of Indian Rupees, the dinar quickly went on to become one of the most valuable and sought after currencies in the Middle East, valued equal to or greater than the dollar and the sterling pound for more than a decade.

However, following the disastrous First Gulf War and the UN Economic sanctions issued in light of Saddam Hussein?s aggressive geopolitical maneuvers, the economy took a sharp downturn and has only started to look up after the Second Gulf War in 2003. Since then, the Iraqi dinar has gone through a number of iterations, each incorporating newer and better security features. The current iteration of the dinar is printed by the De La Rue Corporation of London and incorporates some of the most advanced security features among all the printed currencies of the world.

Because dinar notes have gone through so many iterations in the recent past, it may not be possible for currency collectors and enthusiasts alike to keep track of the latest security features which can enable them to purchase genuine Iraqi dinar notes. This infographic has been designed to address exactly that problem and list out all the current and past security features in great details so that you can make an informed decision anytime and every time you wish to buy a cache of dinar bank notes.


Iraqi DInar Security Features

Iraqi Dinar Security Features

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