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Why Premium+

Premium+ Layaway Program “How It Works”

Currency Liquidator has an innovative new Premium+ Layaway Program to help you accumulate as much Iraqi Dinar and other foreign currencies as you want.

Our Premium+ Layaway offers a huge improvement over early currency layaway programs

Under our fully-compliant layaway program you can buy a set amount of Iraqi Dinar or other desirable foreign currency and have payment terms of “net 30 days” or “net 45 days” in which to complete your purchase.


How Dinar Premium Layaway works

Through our Premium+ Layaway Program you make a good faith down payment that covers the cost of sourcing and storing your currency layaway order.

Once you've made that down payment you'll be deeded the full amount of your foreign currency purchase, based on your promise to pay within the agreed 30- or 45-day term.

To ensure compliance with all regulations, we'll send your currency as soon as the final payment is received.


What can happen with my layaway?

There are 3 possible outcomes for a layaway –

Typical Layaway

You send the down payment, then your final payment within the specified time period (either 30 or 45 days), and we send your currency order.

You'll receive your purchase once you send the final payment. This is the option chosen by most folks.

In this case the total cost = down payment + final payment

Incomplete layaway

It may happen that you send the down payment but can’t complete your layaway purchase for whatever reason.

If a layaway isn't completed within the specified 30 or 45 days, the deed to the currency is rescinded and the down payment will be applied toward the cost of handling, processing and storage.

In this case the total cost = down payment

Net positive settlement

It's also possible that your layaway may result in a “net positive settlement.”

For example, if you make a down payment and then major political, social or economic events occur which affect the value of your deeded foreign currency, you'll have two options.

You can choose to walk away without any further loss or increase in value.

Or, if the currency has risen in value then you can exchange it with us before the final payment is due, and we'll send you a check or bank wire transfer for the gain, also called your net positive settlement.

So, in this case the outcome would be –

Higher exchange rate of your currency  minus your original purchase price minus exchange fee = Net Positive Settlement